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Our sparkling wines

At Sieur d'Arques, we strive to produce sparkling wines to suit every occasion and every palate, and these represent our core business and traditional savoir faire. We apply this savoir faire every day to drive the company forward, creating sparkling wines with finesse and elegance, which make each drinking occasion unique and memorable. Our Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée sparkling wines are crafted from grapes picked entirely by hand and vinified using only traditional or ancestral methods.

Traditional Method

The Traditional Method, also known as the second fermentation in the bottle, is used for the Blanquette and Crémant de Limoux, the perfect “Bruts” for sparkling wine lovers.

Ancestral Method

Created from a process as mysterious as it is natural, the ancestral method is well known to sparkling wine lovers. Its particular character lies in a distinctive taste style related to the grape variety it is made from, native to the Limoux region - the Mauzac. Naturally sweet and fruity, it is also low in alcohol.

Our still wines

Our still wines are produced as red, white and rosé under the AOC Limoux, IGP Pays d'Oc and IGP Haute-Vallée de l'Aude appellations. These include fine, classic Chardonnay whites, elegant reds, and superb rosés for enjoying with friends.

Limoux Blanc, a fine Languedoc white wine

The terroir of Limoux, higher-lying, cooler and less subjected to the Mediterranean influences than any other Languedoc appellation, is considered to be one of the finest terroirs in France for the Chardonnay grape. Sieur d'Arques’ AOC Limoux white wines are the result of a selection of the vineyard plots and the identification of the appellation’s four terroirs further refining the work of the winemakers. They display exceptional complexity and balance, delicate aromas, lovely acidity and a surprising minerality. With only 100 ha and a yield limited to 50 hl/ha, LIMOUX BLANC is a rare wine for real connoisseurs.

The harvesting is carried out by hand to prevent the bunches from crushing and ensure they arrive whole in the winery ready for pressing.

LIMOUX BLANC has the distinction of being the only appellation in Languedoc-Roussillon whose fermentation and ageing must be carried in oak barrels and which must be made from grapes that show a minimum degree of 11° on the vine. The ageing on the fine lees, with riddling carried out by hand every 15 days, continues until the 1st of May following the harvest and sometimes longer, depending on the wine producer.

In addition to the vinification of the wines destined for the Toques & Clochers auction, the very precise selection of plots in the Sieur d'Arques vineyards allows us to produce wines by "Terroir", thereby revealing the subtle differences, the very expression of the concept of terroir, with four cuvées made from the same grape variety and vinified in the same manner. These cuvées, sold under the Toques & Clochers brand name, are our flagship and reference AOC Limoux white wines.

Limoux Rouge

The Limoux Rouge AOC specifies that the yield must not exceed 48 hl/ha. A careful check of the grapes’ maturity is carried out before picking.

The grape varieties permitted for the LIMOUX ROUGE appellation are a minimum of 50% Merlot, a minimum of 30% Côt, Syrah or Grenache, and a 10% maximum of Carignan in terms of the main grape varieties, and up to 20% of Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon, for the complementary grape varieties.

To bear the name of LIMOUX ROUGE, the wines must be made from at least three of these seven varietals. The LIMOUX for long-cellar ageing, undergo a 2-4 week maceration after destemming and the wines for younger drinking are produced by carbonic maceration.

The Limoux Rouge appellation wines are vinified according to the methods commonly used for this type of wine: maceration after destemming or carbonic maceration, ageing in vat or in wood, depending on the wine producer. The wine producer can then age them either in vat or oak barrel, according to the vintage or the type of LIMOUX ROUGE he or she wishes to produce.

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