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Winemaking in the South of France: a heritage and a passion

The first vines were introduced into Limouxin by the Greeks in the 5th century BC. It was in 1531 that the first sparkling wine was produced by the monks of Saint Hilaire Abbey. In 1938, the Languedoc obtained its first AOC: Blanquette de Limoux and Blanquette méthode ancestrale. If the region is the cradle of sparkling wines, it is not by chance. Indeed, Limouxin and the surrounding lands benefit from varied climatic influences, favourable to the development of different grape varieties. Our passionate oenologists and winegrowers have selected the best plots of land for our vines to flourish.
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Proud of the richness of our region and our historical heritage, we use our know-how to offer exceptional wines. Thus, to ensure the quality of our sparkling wines of Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée, we harvest the vines by hand. We vinify them using traditional or ancestral methods, to guarantee a delicate and authentic taste.
Treat yourself to a timeless moment of tasting with our Blanquettes de Limoux using the ancestral method.


Limoux Chardonnays for all your moments

Limoux whites and Limoux reds, great wines that will awaken your senses.

Among our AOC Limoux, we offer red and white wines with different flavours and aromas that will delight your palate.
Live a real gustatory experience with our grand cru white wines, our red wines, our rosés and our sparkling wines.
AOC Limoux, intense red wines with character
The grape variety will give these wines different colours, smells and tastes. Admire the ruby colour and perceive the sweet aromas of red fruits and spices thanks to the Mediterranean grape varieties (Syrah and Grenache). The reds of the oceanic grape varieties (Cabernet Franc/Sauvignon, Merlot, Rib) have more nuanced colours and aromas of prune or liquorice.
AOC Limoux, delicate white wines with fruity and floral aromas.
For these wines again, the grape variety will offer a variety of colours, flavours and tastes. For white wines where Chenin dominates, the colour is clear and crystalline. You will smell aromas of peaches, plums and white flowers. If it is Mauzac that dominates, the wine will exhale apple or pear aromas. Finally, for wines dominated by Chardonnay, the colour will be more golden and you will perceive aromas of vanilla, citrus fruit and grilled hazelnut.
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A man's story

and Passion
Since 1946, the house Sieur d'Arques, located in Limoux (25km from Carcassonne), has been revealing the history of Men and passions that have made it a name for itself in Languedoc-Roussillon as the creator of exceptional vintages. Each step of the process is based on the complementary know-how of Hommes: winegrowers, cellar staff, oenologists and other professionals, all united to sublimate the wines of the House of Sieur d'Arque
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