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Sieur d'Arques today

The name behind fine sparkling and still wines

Sieur d'Arques, located in Limoux, 25 km south of Carcassonne, has been producing exceptional wines since 1946. It has made a name for itself in the Languedoc region as a creator of wines which artfully marry tradition with technical knowhow.

Regarded as a pioneer in terms of production quality, viticulture and winemaking techniques, Sieur d'Arques has been working on its plot selection, from over 1,800 ha of Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée vineyards, since the 1980s. With the Mediterranean sun and heat tempered by both the Atlantic influence and the altitude (near the Pyrenees), the terroir of Limoux boasts perfect conditions for the production of fine wines.
Its traditional expertise, combined with its constant pursuit of quality excellence and technical mastery, enable it to produce fine wines to suit the palates of the most demanding of wine drinkers.

Key figures

  • Founded in 1946
  • Turnover of € 43.6 million in 2016
  • Vineyard surface area:1801 Ha
  • 119 employees
  • 205 members
  • 7 300 000 bottles of sparkling AOC wines
  • 466 000 bottles of AOC Limoux
  • Available in all distribution channels in France: Supermarkets / On Trade / Direct Sales
  • Strong presence in export markets: 60 countries
  • 2016 turnover split: 63.1% France and 36.9% Export.

The men and women of Sieur d'Arques

The men and women of Sieur d'Arques
Each stage of the winemaking process relies on the complementary knowhow of men and women who are passionate about their craft: wine growers, winery and cellar staff, oenologists and other professionals, all working together to bring you the finest possible Sieur d'Arques wines.

Board of directors

Pierre-Louis FARGES President
Benoît CALVEL First vice-President, head of the Vineyard committee
Thierry GARRIGUES Second vice-President, head of Works committee
Jean-Marie PASQUETTO Administrator
Christine VIE Secretary, head of the Toques & Clochers committee
Jean-Marie PLANET Administrator
Brigitte CANET Assistant Treasurer
Claude LAPEYRE Administrator
Marc SEVELY Administrator
Pierre TICHADOU Administrator
Pierre JAMMET Treasurer, head of the Events committee
Lara ANDUJAR Assistant Secretary

Wine growers

Our 205 wine grower members, are all passionate about their craft and proud of their terroir. They do not just enable Sieur D’Arques to express itself through the quality of its grapes, but they are also actively involved in the local economy and culture. They help to strengthen the ties between the company and the local region, and are happy ambassadors of its products. They also help run the Toques & Clochers event, which builds the awareness and reputation of the appellation.

The Team

  • Chief Executive Officer: Pascal CHIARONI
  • Wine Director: Gilles TREMEGES
  • Export Director: Emile GELI
  • Supermarket Channel Directors : Christophe MAGUY
  • On Trade Director : Eric DUMENIL
  • Direct Sales Director - E-Commerce : Clément GALLOIS
  • Production and Procurement Manager : Vincent RICHARD
  • Marketing Manager : Laurence ROUANET-JULIEN
  • Vineyard Manager : Sabine RENAUD
  • QHSE and Sustainable Development Manager : Sébastien CANUT
  • Events Manager - Toques & Clochers : Sylvia FERAUD-PARRIEL
  • Human Resources Manager : Célina LEFEBVRE
  • Bulk Negotiator : Benoît VILLAIN
  • Winegrower Service Manager : Rose-Marie JALABERT
  • Maintenance Manager : Jean-Luc PRADES
  • Systems and Networks Administrator : Stéphane PINEL
  • Financial Controller : Pascal VIGATA
  • Sales Administration Manager : Nicole TISSEYRE
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